Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)-one month LATER.

This is my second revision resource that shows you how I revise and hopefully will guide you in a more successful revision. 

Coronary heart disease without aid is available in my resources.

If you do want more resources like this, tuberculosis is available in my resources.

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Coronary heart disease (CHD) revision-1 month
Use good quality revision material:
OCR AS Biology revision guide.
Cambridge book.
Comprehensive lesson notes
It is a multi-factorial disease.
High salt in the diet
High fat in the diet
This concerns lipoproteins, both HDLs and LDLs.

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Lipoproteins are made in the liver; they transport cholesterol as they are not water soluble.
High density lipoprotein (HDL)
This contains lots of protein.
They remove cholesterol from the tissues and to the liver. They are found in plant derived foods and fish.
Low density lipoprotein (LDL)
More lipids and less protein.
The LDLs are more important in coronary heart disease as they take cholesterol and lipids from the liver to the rest of the body.…read more

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Fig 5.1 shows the percentage of cases of CHD in a population to which each risk factor contributed.
(I ) When you add up the different risk factor percentages for the population you find that it is greater than
Suggest why: (1 mark)
(Diagram shows that some) individuals have more than one risk factor;
DO NOT CREDIT CHD is multifactorial
(II) State two further risk factors that are not shown in fig 5.1.…read more

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Explain how the inserted stent would reduce the symptoms of CHD. (4 marks)
1 increases size / AW, of lumen ;
2 2 increases / eases / decreases resistance to, blood flow ;
3 3 (therefore) more, O2 / glucose ;
4 for aerobic respiration ;
5 5 in, heart muscle / cardiac muscle / myocardium ;
6 6 more CO2 removed ;
LDL and a similar molecule, high density lipoprotein (HDL) carry cholesterol in the blood.…read more

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L4 IGNORE LDL / fatty acids L4 ACCEPT under epithelium
H1 ACCEPT back to liver
H3 ACCEPT remove from blood
H4 IGNORE LDL / fatty acids
H5 IGNORE removing atheromas
QWC ­ Award if you award an L mark and an H mark with the same number twice
1 e.g. L1 and H1, and L3 and H3
(b) Cholesterol is transported in the form of lipoproteins. High levels of low density lipoproteins (LDLs) in the blood are a risk factor
in heart disease.…read more

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Read notes again
Underline, highlight notes
Make a revision summary
Sticky note
Use bullet points, patterned notes and mind maps
Link ideas with mnemonics
Cholesterol is deposited in those cracks created by hypertension.
Oh no. Here comes the macrophage to engulf it up.
Relax, it has become enlarged.
Oh no, it is sealed with plaque.
Nope it's okay because the plaque stretches.
A narrow lumen, how is the blood going to get through?
Ruptured. It ruptured.…read more

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Cover revision summary, write down main points
Record on a tape
Tell someone else
Questions relating to tuberculosis…read more


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