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The course of the Civil War
The Bolsheviks wanted to run Russia as a one party state and had alienated all other
socialist groups.

Bolsheviks vs. Everyone else

Hostilities sparked off in the East in the `Czech Legion' this region wanted to fight with the Russian
army against the Austrians…

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Repressive actions clear: How much loyalty would this really promote in the long run?

Trotsky's changes:
Bolsheviks hated the return to a traditional army and wanted a militia. Trotsky only got his
way because Lenin supported him & because the situation was so out of hand.
Trotsky attached a political…

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Banning of private trade private trade and manufactured goods were banned but industry
was not producing enough consumer goods so an enormous black market developed
Nationalization & industry all industries were brought under state control to try and get a grip
of the economy. Not everyone was against this as…

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How was the Bolsheviks state consolidated between 1921 ­ 1924

Negative elements of War Communism:
Transport system had collapsed
o Factories could not get materials they needed
o Industrial factories had stopped producing
o Grain production had fallen
Famine rose
Wide-spread disease

Russian society was no longer willing to put…

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a. Food and goods could flow more easily. Money was back and the black market
was not as big
4. Stock control of heavy industry
5. The state kept control of large-scale heavy industries like coal, steel and oil

Lenin presented NEP as being only a temporary deviation and a…

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This all resulted in a more authoritarian and centralized Communist party who's members
were less likely to debate issues. Decision making became concentrated in a much smaller
number of hands. The party saw itself as having the exclusive right to lead the people into
the light of socialism.

- But,…


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