The White's Weaknesses and the Red's Strengths

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The White's Weaknesses
The reason for the final victory of the Reds in the Civil War is not difficult to determine:
The various White armies fought as separate detachments
Apart from their obvious desire to overthrow the Bolsheviks, they were not bound
together by a single aim
They were unwilling to sacrifice their individual interests in order to form a united
anti-Bolshevik front. This allowed the Reds to pick off the White armies separately
In the rare cases in which the Whites did consider combining, they were too widely
scattered geographically to be able to bring sufficient pressure to bear on the enemy
The Whites were too reliant on supplies from abroad, which seldom arrived in
sufficient quantities, in the right places, at the right time
The Whites lacked leaders of the quality of Trotsky
The Red's Strengths
The Reds in contrast, had a number of overwhelming advantages:
They remained in control if a concentrated central area of Western Russia which they
were able to defend by maintain their inner communication and supply lines
The 2 major cities; Petrograd and Moscow, the administrative centres of Russia,
remained in their hands throughout the war, as did most of the railway network
The Reds also possessed a key advantage in that the areas where they had their
strongest hold were the industrial centres of Russia. This gave them access to
munitions and resources denied to the Whites
The dependence of the Whites on supplies from abroad appeared to prove the Red
accusation that they were in the league with foreign interventions. The Civil War had
produced a paradoxical situation in which the Reds were able to stand as champions
of the Russian nation as well as the proletarian revolutionaries
The Red Army was brilliantly organised and led by Trotsky


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