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Intelligence and Learning
Topic 1 -Theories of Intelligence…read more

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What is intelligence?
· "The ability to learn from experience, think in abstract terms
and deal effectively with one's environment" SMITH ET AL
· The Flynn effect claims that intelligence is increasing ith each
generation howvere this could be that we now think in post
scientific terms whereas our ancestors would have though in
pre-scientific terms. Therefore our ability to think in a more
abstract way would suggests a higher IQ score.
· It could be that we have the ability to practice IQ tests due to
· It could be that we create our definition of intellignece to
match our current ability.…read more

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Origins of intelligence testing
· 4000 years ago the chinese used intelligence tests to choose
civil servants (Cooper 2002)
· ALFRED BINET and THEOPHILE SIMON 1905 design the first
official IQ test at the request of the french government to help
them to assess the level of support needed for people with
learning difficulties.
· The Stanford-Binet Test uses tests of increasing difficulty to
find your `mental age' and then this is divided by your actual
age and multiplied by 100 in order to calculate your IQ.…read more

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Stanford-Binet Test
Evaluation of the Standford-Binet Test
- It's a RATIO so it is much harder for someone score
higher if they are older.
- Modern IQ tests measure deviance away from the
average IQ of 100.
- Became a fast and effective way
of measuring someone's ability
in order to assess them for
university, the job market and
even the army. (Gould 1981)…read more

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Mackintosh 1998
· Mackintosh 1998 - criteria which support IQ tests
· An individual score doesn't fluctuate from day to day like
someone's mood
· IQ tests require abstract reasoning which 99% of people
consider a key concept in intelligence.
· Wide variety of IQ tests which require various cognitive
abilities; e.g word recall, maths ability, memory and pattern
· IQ tests are a good predictor of future success in GCSE's and
A Levels…read more

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Mackintosh 1998
- Doesn't
change day to
- Requires
abstract thinking
- Variety of tests
within an IQ test
- Good predictor
of furture
success…read more

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