Part 1: Core Content: Aspects of International Relations, 1919–2005/Section A : The Inter-War Years, 1919–1939/Key Question 1: Were the Peace Treaties of 1919–1923 fair?/The Treaty of Versailes

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Part 1: Core Content: Aspects of International Relations, 1919­2005
Section A : The InterWar Years, 1919­1939
Key Question 1: Were the Peace Treaties of 1919­1923 fair?
The Treaty of Versailles:

The Conference and the Big Three:
· Diplomats from 32 different countries met at Paris on the 18th January 1919…

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42: The Rhineland was demilitarized the German army was not allowed to go there.

45: The Saar, with its rich coalfields, given to France for 15 years.

51: AlsaceLorraine returned to France.

80: Germany forbidden to unite with Austria.

87: Lands in eastern Germany the rich farmlands of Posen and…

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· The terms can be split into Three groups, these are:
1. Territorial
2. Military
3. Financial and Economic

Opinions of Versailles:

Germans British French Americans

League of Nations Hated it OK Hated it Hated it

Guilt Clause Hated it OK OK Hated it

German army reducedHated it Hated it…

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1. 2.Selfdetermination proved impossible to implement neither Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia survived as
united countries.
3.Many Americans did not want to get involved in Europe, and in 1920 the American Senate refused to sign the Treaty of
Versailles, or join the League of Nations.



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