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The series of revision for past questions:- Part A
"Explain why Irenaeus argues that the existence of evil is necessary for the
existence of God." (25)

The question is asking us, how does irenaeus justify Gods existence if there is evil
and suffering in the world.

Intro: This is all…

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Moral Evil:- suffering caused by human selfishness eg. Holocaust
Now we must move on with our paragraphing.
Paragraph 1: Genesis 1:27 "Let us make man in our own image" Irenaeus states
the fact that God made us in his IMAGE not a REPLICA. It is our first piece…

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And so, there is your basis for the paragraphs on what you should know. For
detailed explanations on the paragraphs i also have a note, mind map and two
word searches on get revising of irenaeus' theodicy. Thank you.


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