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1905 Revolution


Workers wanted better conditions, eight-hour work days and higher wages. After being ignored, and
constant defeat in war, the people became inpatient and more angered.

By then end of January, there were more than 400,000 workers out on strike. The 1905…

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The Tsar was forced to agree to the October Manifesto, however when he felt strong enough with the
troops back in Russia, he used force to seize power again, and many workers and peasants were shot or
put back in line.

February/March Revolution 1917


The February/March…

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During the terrible winter of 1916, the railway lines were so iced up that it was very difficult to
transport goods into Petrograd.
Prices shot up sky high, and bread queues formed, even when there was not enough bread to
go around.

The revolution begins -

Workers were demanding political…

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For the Bolsheviks, timing was everything. The Bolsheviks were now the `saviours' of Petrograd and
their support was at an all-time high. They won an overall majority in the elections to the Petrograd
Soviet and Leon Trotsky, a recent recruit was elected chairman.

Meanwhile, the situation in the rest of…


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