National 5 History: Unit 3 Hitler & Nazi Germany- Wiemar Republic

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  • Wiemar Republic
    • Article 48
      • The president could, in an emergency, legislate laws without the consent of the Reichstag
      • Hitler uses it when putting into law the 'Enabling Act'
    • Democratic Government
      • All citizens over 20 had the vote; men and women
      • Freedom of religion, political parties, meetings, rallies and trade union
      • Freedom of arrest without good reason
        • President elected by people then chooses their own chancellor and government
    • Voting System
      • Proportional Representation used
        • Coalition government are made due to this
          • 1919-1930 Germany had 14 different coalition governement
    • Problems from LEFT WING
      • SPARTICIST REVOLT (communist)
        • A communist attempt to make Bavaria into a soviet governement
          • Replicate the Russian revolution of 1917
            • Government send in Freikorps (ex-soldiers) and over 100 people are killed
        • 1919
    • Other Issues
      • Political murders common
      • Governnment was weak with no strong leader or party


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