The Romanov Family

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  • The Royal Russian Family
    • Nicholas & Alexandria
      • 20 April 1894 Tsar Nicholas proposed to Princess Alexandria of Hesse. Letters document love "Niki" and "Alix"
      • First 2 daughters- "Big Pair" Olga and Tatiana, "Little Pair" Maria and Anastasia, then heir to throne Alexei
      • People saw her as a cold, unhappy German Princess
      • Abdication- March 1917
    • Alexei
      • Diagnosed with Hemophilia (blood does not clot)- untreatable and fatal
      • Rasputin (mystic) helped Alexei when bleeding
    • Rasputin
      • Tsarina thought only he could cure Alexei (doctors could do nothing)
      • Claimed that the dynasty of Tsrevich and Romanov were linked to him and could not be undone
      • Russian officials made the call- poisoned wine and tea, shot twice- bound body and threw it into Neva River (only died then)
      • Tsarina asked advice on domestic policy (Tsar leading troops)
    • Final Days + Execution
      • Vladimir Lenin and Bolsheviks controlled revolution and wanted to govern country
      • Family under house arrest by Bolsheviks. Many believed Tsar still ruler- became problem for Lenin
      • 17 July- Family warned of trouble safer in basement (doctor + 3 servants). Shot by 12 Red Army Members
        • Legend: Princesses wore bayonets (stuffed with jewels)-deflected bullets
        • Yurovsky (carried out execution) bodies were soaked in acid, burned and thrown down mine shaft
    • After Death
      • Morning after execution bodies retrieved and buried at another location (fear of being found). Vehicle broke down-buried in pit along cart track
      • 1979 grave discovered, authenticity of remains questioned (9 bodies found) 2 others incinerated and not taken from mineshaft. 1995 Soviet Union fell examination and exhumed of bodies were agreed to
      • Authenticate- Fingerprints, Dental Records, Physical Inspection (bayonet stabs, defeat, bullet wounds) Evidence on bodies matched with reports of execution
        • Nuclear DNA fingerprinting- 3 were young daughters of adult male- not enough DNA to complete examination
          • Mitochondrial DNA Analysis- Taken from living relatives and deceased to prove remains belonged to Tsar and his family
      • Nine skeletons were reconstructed from 700 fragments of bone matched ages and genders of the executed
        • Anna Anderson said she was missing Anastasia until death 1984. Tissue sample tested from earlier procedure 1994. This showed she belonged to middle class Poland family


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