Social influence and social change

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  • Social influence and social change
    • Lessons from conformity research
      • Majority influence and NSI
      • Dissenters make social change more likely
    • Lessons from minority influence research
      • Augmentation principle
      • Deeper processing
      • Snowball effect
        • 1964 Civil Rights Act passed
      • A minority marched but the were consistent
      • Social Cryptomnesia occurred
      • Civil rights marches drew attention to segregation
        • Segregation 1950's America
    • Strength
      • Research support for the role of NSI in social chnage
    • Weaknesses
      • Identification is an important variable overlooked in minority influence research
      • Minority influence is only indirectly effective in creating social change
      • The nature of deeper processing has been questioned
      • Methodological issues in this area of research
    • Lessons from obedience research
      • Gradual commitment leads to 'drift'
        • Zimbardo (2007)
      • Disobedient models make change more likely


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