The Manhunt Language Analysis - AQA Relationships Cluster

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Language ­ The Manhunt
Point Evidence Analysis
- The title is a pun. - `The Manhunt'. - Instead of an intensive search for a
criminal, Laura is hunting for the man
she once knew ­ negative connotation.
- Exploratory verbs. - `trace' - Contrast with semantic fields of pain
and violent. Shows Laura as tentative.
Frequency = desperation.
- Metaphors. - `frozen river' - Unable to flow = unable to function.
Needs warmth that comes from love to
be fixed.
- Metaphors & Imagery. - `the blown hinge of his - Vivid imagery: a hinged door = husband
lower jaw' is mentally unhinged? or broken hinge
on a box = unable to open up.
- `jaw' ­ part of him that communicates is
- Metaphors & Imagery. - `the damaged, porcelain - Fragile imagery: porcelain is a delicate
collar bone'. ceramic = husband is delicate.
- Repetition of harsh - `fractured rudder of - Harsh & abrupt `d' sounds: shows her
sounds. shoulder blade' frustration ­ she cannot get close to him.
- Metaphors. - `fractured rudder' - Device on a ship, used to steer =
husband doesn't know where he is going,
can't move forward in relationship.
- Delicate pronunciation. - `parachute silk of his - Shows how delicate the body is. Broken
punctured lung.' parachute = unable to function.
`punctured' disrupts soft sounds ­
without lung, unable to function.
- Modal auxiliary verbs. - `could I bind...' - `could' = permission, wasn't able to do
this before. ­ Trust in relationship. `bind'
= trying to mend.
- Metaphors. - `climb the rungs of his - Shows patience, reflects gradual steps
broken ribs,' willing to take. `Ribs' = protective barrier
to heart ­ something in the way of their
- Consonance. - `hurt' and `heart' - Soft sound, reflects softness of intimacy
being felt. Captivates reader, emphasised
words = Emphasises emotional pain.
- Metaphors. - `of his grazed heart' - Only literal comparison ­ special?
Finally reached the heart.
- Adjectives. - `grazed' - Minor injury ­ will heal with care. Their
love will heal.
- Verbs. - `Skirting', `picture'. - Skirting = cautious, picture = doesn't
fully understand but attempts to.

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Noun - `source' - Links back to title `hunt', searching.
Why so broken?
- Verb - `sweating' - tension + stress
- Metaphor & adjectives. - `unexploded mine' - `unexploded' offers hope ­ mines can be
- `buried deep in his mind' deactivated. Hidden memories. Like a
ticking bomb ­ too close = dangerous ­
explains why she only ever `come[s]
- Centre of his problems = psychological.
Mental scars.
- If she touches it ­ it will be the death of
her.…read more


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