Praise Song for My Mother Language Analysis - AQA Relationships Cluster

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Language ­ Praise Song
for My Mother
Point Evidence Analysis
- Metaphor - `You were//water to - Water = survival, purity, a journey
me' (the flow)
- Adjectives - `deep' `bold' - Deep = distance: water `deep-end',
`fathoming' scared of her? Dragging her down?
- Bold = brave, not shy ­ brash,
overbearing (arrogant).
- Fathoming = towering presence, to
fathom ­ to discover: mother difficult
to understand. *Ambiguity of this word
can suggest mother's love couldn't be
captured by everyday language.
- Relations to - `You were//moon's - Watching her from above.
Afro-American eye' - Yemoja ­ moon Goddess: represents
mother's reign, the mother was strong
and protective, or a dictator.
- Ambiguous wording - `pull' `grained' - Pull: gravitational, finds it almost
`mantling' impossible to part with her mother,
mother has a permanent influence.
- Grained: Seeds ­ grow from care, or a
small amount (of truth in their
relationship, no trust)
- Mantling: Earth's mantle ­ mother =
part of her formation/piece of rock
that juts out ­ hard to get around, or a
cloak, sheltered her: sinister?
- Metaphor - `You were//sunrise' - There at the start of everyday, but
not anymore?
- Adjectives - `rise' `warm' - rise: to wake, or move up, or `get a
`streaming' rise out of' = anger.
- warm: temperature, easy to get
- streaming: flowing, constant
outpouring of ? ­ too much?
- Lack of punctuation - `the fishes red gill to - Should be `the fishes' red gill to me',
me' no apostrophe of possession, she feels
as though she doesn't belong to her
- Red: something wrong with fish,
taken out of the water ­ feels like `a

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Gills: breathing, you were my breath.
- Metaphor - `the flame tree's - Shelter?
spread' - `Flame' = heat, fire, a negative
- `the crab's leg' connotation when put together with
- Family tree ­ `spread' bad traits
passed down?
- Crabs can only move sideways, she
wants to move forward, her mother
stopping her.
- Sarcasm & Lack of - `Go to your wide - Bitter, dismissive tone.…read more


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