AQA English Literature Poetry 'The Manhunt'

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  • The Manhunt
    • Structure
      • Series of couplets, mostly unrhymed- create a sense of fragmentation
        • suggesting a break down of the relationship
    • Language
      • many couplets have prominent verbs: 'search', 'explore', handle and hold', 'mind and attend'.- suggests wifes careful treatment of her husbands  delicate mind and body
      • refers to parts of the husbands body through use of metaphors- comparing them to inanimate things not living things, his jaw was a 'blown hinge'- suggesting he is no longer open to her
    • Themes
      • patience and care of love
    • Compare to:
      • In paris with you
      • To his coy mistress
      • The farmers bride
    • Possible points
      • The Manhunt includes detailed and closely observed references to the body of a loved one, reflective of the closeness of the relationship
        • In To His Coy Mistress there are similar images, yet these represent the fantasy of the male speaker as he tries to convince his mistress to have sex with him.
      • To His Coy Mistress balances the ideal relationship with that which is possible given the time available.
        • Similarly, The Manhunt explores the strength of a relationship that endures even in the most difficult of circumstances.
      • The Manhunt has a female speaker who is determined to search for the man she feels she lost to war. She wants to understand her husband's feelings and so is searching his body for clues.
        • To His Coy Mistress has a male speaker who is similarly determined. However, he feels that time will prevent his relationship flourishing if his mistress does not act with more urgency.


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