The Hoover Song

This is the Hoover Song set to the song- My Favourite Things- from the Sound of Music. It is just to remind you of what Hoover did to handle the Depression. It is not very well written and occasionally you may need to add a few extra syllables but I hope it helps! 

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Our Least Favourite Things that Hoover has done:

Hoover believed in rugged individualism..
It wasn't his thing to be obviously helping
He believed in laissez-faire...
But felt compelled do more there...

In 1930 he cut taxes,
This was unlike him and probably made him sad,
But so did the public…

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When I'm feeling bad, I simply remember what Hoover has done..
And then I feel...
Just as bad.

Perhaps he's misunderstood,
But all we remember is the Hoovervilles,
Hooverblankets and Hooverleather too,
'In Hoover we trusted and now we are busted'

When the banks crash, when the stores close,


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