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THE USA: What were the causes and consequences of the Wall Street Crash?

Causes of the Wall Street Crash

What was the Wall Street Crash?

To set up a company, you need money to pay staff, rent premises, buy equipment etc.
Most companies raise this money from investors ­ investors…

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People in Europe could not afford surplus goods from America and had put up their own
tariffs to protect industry as a response to American tariffs.
By Summer 1929 ­ these weaknesses beginning to show ­ car sales slowing, industrial
output falling. Speculators became nervous about the value of their…

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Barricaded highways.
Most had no choice but to live on the road in their trucks, picking up work where they could.
Over farming and drought in the southern states ­ millions of acres into a dust bowl and
drove farmers of their land.
Went to California searching for labouring work.…

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Believed that social security was not the business of the govn. ­ Laissez-Faire.
Afraid that helping them would make them less independent ­ less willing to work.
Bonus Army ­ Veterans of WWI who had been promised a bonus in 1945 - $1 for every day
they had been in…


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