Dealing with The Great Depression

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  • Dealing with the Great Depression
    • President Herbert Hoover was called upon to help, but it was Hoover’s opinion that people should be able to look after themselves and not expect charity or social security from the Government.
      • He did not give unemployed people much help.
    • A lot of people lost their homes, and so shanty towns were built –Hoovervilles. However, Hoover did try to help a little.
    • In 1932 Hoover gave $4 million to the states to open soup kitchens.
    • He created jobs by building the Hoover Dam.
    • In 1932 he gave $300 million to the states to provide support for the unemployed, but only $30 million was used by the Republican states because they believed more strongly than Hoover in rugged individualism.
      • The belief that all individuals, or nearly all individuals, can succeed on theirown and that government help for people should be minimal.


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