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The Home Front ­ WWI
Britain Declare War
Britain declare war on Germany ­ August 1914
Britain, France and Russia (Triple Entente) against Germany, Austria -Hungary and Italy (Triple Alliance)

Britain had a small army and needed one very quickly
Britain needed more men as many died in the…

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Taking over industries and Munitions Crisis (1915)
Government took over coal mines and miners weren't conscripted because energy was very vital to the war
In 1915 in the munitions crisis the Govt. took over 20,000 factories to make munitions ­ workers weren't
given holidays


Why was Conscription brought…

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Stopped hording of food by wealthy
There was a shortage but no one starved
Severe penalties for ration cheats
o 3. Britain grew more food
Farmers encouraged to use even more land
Women's land army set up to provide a labour force for farms

Impact of war on civilians

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Politicians said in the General election that they would squeeze everything out of Germany and make them
Many British people felt if they weren't made to pay it would encourage them to start another war

Britain's feeling of the war
Now people knew the real facts ­ they felt…


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