OCR GCSE History, Medicine Through Time, Paper 2 - June 2011

These revision notes relate to Paper 2 in June 2011 on Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. They can however also be used for Paper 1, Medicine Through Time.

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History, Paper 2 ­ Source Paper, Florence Nightingale & Mary Seacole

Information on Paper 2:
7 ­ 8 questions based on sources
You must use both your own knowledge and the sources
If you question the reliability of a source, it is possible to get 11/10

Florence Nightingale

Who was…

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Florence Nightingale is famous for her nursing work during the Crimean War
(1854-56). Florence changed the face of nursing from a mostly untrained profession
to a highly skilled and well-trained medical profession with very important

Where and When was Florence Nightingale born?
Florence Nightingale was born in the 19th…

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be done.

6. In 6 months, Nightingale had cut the death rate of wounded soldiers to only
two out of every hundred. The newspapers back i

Mary Seacole

Who was Mary Seacole?
Mary Jane Grant was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1805. Her father was a Scottish
soldier, and her…

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