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British depth study
HISTORY OCR…read more

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Liberal government won election 1906 and was
responsible for passing social reforms which laid
the foundation for a `welfare state'
Britain had become more democratic and there was
a growing awareness of poverty
Booth and Rowntree made it clear the poor were
not to blame for being in poverty
Liberals passed laws including: National Insurance,
old age pensions and reforms for children
The state was beginning to be responsible for
helping the poorest and weakest in society.…read more

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Political changes: rise of Labour (threat to Liberal ­
lose working class votes).
Social and economic changes: the impact of the
Industrial Revolution (poor working conditions, low
pay and long hours).
Political leaders: the work of Lloyd George and
Churchill (personality).
The failures of the 1834 Poor Law ­ workhouse,
`outdoor relief'.
The work of Booth and Rowntree ­ they discovered
that there are different reasons for being in poverty.…read more

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Rowntree's study in Booth's study in London
York in 1901 showed in 1886 showed that 1 in
that 28% of the 4 of the population were
population did not have in poverty.
the minimum to live on Came up with a poverty
at some point. map and showed
Came up with the different reasons for
poverty line and being in poverty.
showed different
reasons for being in
poverty.…read more

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School Meals Act 1906 ­ free meals
Free school medical checks 1907
`Children's Charter' 1908 ­ limited working hours,
tackle cases of neglect, dealt with young offenders…read more

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Single most important cause of poverty
Old Age Pensions Act 1908 introduced pensions 1909 for poorest
people over 70
5s a week for those earning less than £21 a year
Paid out of taxation on the rich
Transformed life for 1 million people…read more

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Very useful, well structured PowerPoint. Highly recommended.



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