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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

Chapter One
Nick Carraway introduces himself as the narrator
He's just moved to West Egg, a "commuting town" near New York, to start a career in bonds
He goes to dinner in East Egg with the Buchanans - his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom. At

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

7) Nick adds bias to his description of Tom, employing words and phrases from an aggressively
masculine semantic field; "supercilious", "arrogant", "enormous power", "dominance",
"cruel", "fractiousness", "enormous power" and "paternal contempt".


Fitzgerald uses the superficial similarities between the Eggs to emphasise how different…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP


Conservative and autocratic but not as refined as it appears. E.g. tom is "aggressive"
and "hulking", where typically the upper classes should be polite and well-mannered.
Fashionable but fake. Its appealing surface hides unattractive realities - the Buchanans
marriage isn't as happy as it seems,…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

5) Daisy has some control over Tom - she shakes "her head decisively" and wont let him answer
the second call. But she still has to pretend with "tense gaiety" that everything is fine and put
a brave face on her humiliation.


The ringing of a…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

2) The French windows are glowing `gold', reflecting the light of the setting sun. The lighting
adds to the impression of richness and luxury created by the elaborate house and its
extensive gardens.
3) When conversation is friendly, the light is soft and "rosy-coloured" - this makes…


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