chapter 1 - great Gatsby

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  • Chapter 1- The Great Gatsby
    • Overview
      • We are introduced to the narrator - Nick a young man from Minnesota
        • He describes himself as highly moral and tolerant
      • One night he drives to East egg - meets cousin Daisy and husband Tom and Jordan Baker
        • Tom
          • Powerful - leaves the room on the phone -Daisy follows him and Jordan tells nick its Tom's lover from NY
      • Tom and Daisy want nick and Jordan together
        • Jordan and Daisy - Seem as dream like
    • Gatsby
      • breifly mentioned as the hero of the story - Nick says Gatsby represented everything that he scorned but that he exempts Gatsby completly from his usual jugdments
    • Setting
      • East Egg 'old money' West Egg is 'New Money'. New money = made their fortunes recently
      • West Egg is characterised by lavish displays of weath and poor taste
    • Nick
      • Seems a trustworthy narrator
      • Nick cannot help but admire Gatsby - his mansion is described as gorgeous. Its clear Gatsby is not going to be who he appears


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