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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

Chapter Two
Nick meets Tom's mistress Myrtle and her husband, George. They own a garage on the edge
of the Valley of Ashes between West Egg and New York.
Myrtle agrees to go to New York with Nick and Tom.
Myrtle hosts an impromptu party in Tom's…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

8) CONTRASTS - "wheat" and "garden" are associated with life and nature. "Ashes" are dead
and depressing. Combining them shows tat beauty has been destroyed.
9) IMAGERY - The image of a "transcendent effort" shows how all the men's energy is taken up
in just existing. But…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

Mr McKee has photographed his wife "a hundred and twenty seven times" which could
suggest that he's obsessed with her as a visual object, rather than an individual.
Their lack of communication reinforces this - he ignores Mrs McKee for most of the party,
shushing her at…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

Fitzgerald's negative portrayal of alcohol affects the reader's reaction to Gatsby later in the
novel. The fact that he's a bootlegger links him to the corrupting influence of alcohol, which
seems to be part of life in New York.

1) Nick describes Tom as having "tanked up"…


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