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4. The Criminal and Civil Justice System

Judge A person with considerable legal training who is appointed
to hear cases in a court of law. They hear and try both
criminal and civil cases, depending on the court which he or
she is presiding over.

Crown Prosecution Service An organisation…

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the case at court, but in more recent times they present
their own cases in a courtroom.

Barrister They represent individuals in court, and provide them with
specialist legal advice at the request of a solicitor.

Jury A group of randomly selected members of the public (12 in
England and…

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There are lots of laws in Britain, many of which exist to help create a safe and
stable society.
There is a difference between criminal and civil law:

Criminal Law: law that relates to Civil Law: all areas of law that are not criminal, for
behaviour that is not allowed…

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County Court - The local part of the civil Most cases heard in the Magistrates Court. Over
court system that deals with all minor cases of 95% of all criminal cases are dealt with in this
civil law. court, which either provides the necessary
prosecution, or refers the case to…


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