Theme C: The Justice System

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  • The Justice System
    • Courts
      • Civil
        • County Court- disputes about property, debts or compensation
        • High Court-has three divisions: Queen’s Bench (property), Family and chancery (company law)
        • Family Court
      • Criminal
        • Crown Court- serious major cases like murder and ****.
        • Magistrate’s Court-minor cases like criminal damage.
    • Roles in the Justice System
      • Magistrate- A civil officer who hears criminal cases
      • Solicitor- To prepare cases for clients
      • Barrister-Represent clients in higher courts
      • Judge- Lead trials and keep order in court
      • Juror- a person who sits in the jury in the Crown Court, represnting the community
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution
      • Pros
        • Cheaper, quicker and fairer
        • Informal
        • Can agree on solution
      • Cons
        • Difficult to enforce
        • Parties’ resources could be unfair
      • Process of negotiation and mediation
    • Sentence & Punishment
      • Imprisonment
      • Fines
      • Community work
      • Restorative justice


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