The Consolidation of the Bolshevik State

Some notes on the consolidation of the Bolshevik state.

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The Consolidation of the Bolshevik State 1917 - 1924
Lenin and Sovnarkom
Who was Sovnarkom?
Sovnarkom was the new government created by Lenin and the Bolsheviks. It was solely
Bolsheviks with Lenin at its head.
Post Member
Chairman Lenin
Commissar for Foreign affairs Trotsky / Chicherin
Commissar for War Trotsky
Commissar for Internal Affairs Rykov/ Dzerzhinsky
Commissar for Nationalities Stalin
Commissar for Social Welfare Alexandra Kollantai
Commissar for Popular Enlightenment Lunacharsky
Where did they have control?
Lenin and Sovnarkom did not have overall control their power was mainly limited to the
cities of Petrograd and Moscow.
Mensheviks, SR's and non socialists ­ They were in the control of Public Safety
Committees, soviets and other bodies.
Elsewhere people simply rules themselves, the Bolsheviks had no authority over
those in the countryside.
Bolshevik controlled Soviets where not always reliable to produce the "correct"
decisions anyway.
Civil servants ­ Went on strike.
State Bank ­ barred money from the government. Armed forces eventually had to
force the staff to open up.
The Decrees of Sovnarkom
The aims of Lenin's government in the early days were simple: give the people what they
wanted. Peasants and workers had more power than they had ever known and the
government seemed to react to whatever they wanted. Behind the scenes however the
Soviets lost their power, everything became rules by decree from the Soviet:
Land Decree ­ Peasants had the right to take over any land. Land was to be
owned by all and could not be bought, sold or rented. This was not a strictly
Bolshevik idea, it wasn't socialist.
Workers Control Decree ­ Production and finance became under the control of
the workers, but it wasn't this simple. They did not have complete management
but people took it in the wrong way. Again a policy hated by many Socialists it was a
step too far.

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The Consolidation of the Bolshevik State 1917 - 1924
Rights of the People of Russia decree ­ People of different nationalities were able
to rule themselves. It sounds great on paper, but seeing as the Bolsheviks didn't
control where these people lived it remained only on paper.…read more

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The Consolidation of the Bolshevik State 1917 - 1924
From day 1 Lenin had decided that the use of the Soviets was unnecessary, he didn't
want to pass decrees past them or even discuss his policies with them. They weren't
consulted on many of the most important issues like the war. Its power was fading; it
started to meet less and less as Sovnarkom meetings increased to 1 or 2 a day. The
Soviets where dead in the water but continued meetings until the 1930's.…read more


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