bolshevik consolidation after 1917

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  • bolshevik consolidation after oct. 1917 before civil war
    • Removal of constituent assembly
      • Lenin allowed vote to go ahead and the outcome was 53% SRs/ 24% bolsheviks
      • after the outcome lenin immediately declared the elections mean nothing
      • the constituent assemblymen for one day and attempted to redraft bolshevikdecrees but then the red guard dissolvedat gun point
      • lenin justified it by saying Russia was now governed by a dictatorship of the proletariat, meaning lenient gov't had taken control on behalf of them
    • establishment of a one party state
      • the bolsheviks had seized power in the name of the proleteriat and using their slogan all power to the soviets
        • implying the councils of working class people would help run all aspects of russia
          • however lenin did not want to share power. he believed the bolsheviks were acting in interests of proletariat and that this gave him complete authority
    • consolidation the one party state
      • new decrees: on land, workers etc
      • capital moved to moscow so more central
      • red terror- cheka set up
      • the soviet constitution set up w sovnarkom at top who were elected by the all russian congress of soviets who were supposed to be in charge but it was basically sovnarkom


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