Establishment of Bolshevik Government



2.5 - Establishment of the Bolshevik Government

The Kornilov Affair

  • General Kornilov

  • New supreme commander of the army

  • Appointed by Kerensky

  • Was to bring trustworthy troops to Petrograd

  • Sent his troops to seize control of the government

  • Kerensky denounced Kornilov

  • PS used to defend Petrograd from counter-revolution

  • Bolsheviks provided help

  • Soldiers, workers and sailors prepared to defend city

  • Red Guards appeared on street

  • Kerensky supplied weapons

  • Kornilov arrested

3rd April 1917 - Lenin returns to Russia - April Thesis

  • Promise power to soviets

  • Promise peace, land and bread

3rd June - first meeting of All-Russian Congress of Workers and Soldiers Deputies

2 July - Trotsky joins Bolsheviks

  • Arrested 1905

  • Co-chairman of soviet executive committee

  • Leading revolutionary

  • Originally menshevik

The July Days

  • Series of strikes and protests

  • Not organised by bolsheviks

  • Promoted Bolshevik slogans

  • Some troops armed protesters

  • 20,000 armed sailors joined them

5 July - Bolshevik leaders


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