Bolshevik consolidation of power 1917-24- AS Russian History edexcel


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Bolshevik consolidation of power 1917-24
Soviets were dominated by Bolsheviks to make sure they stayed in power
State capitalism- pre revoluntionary economic structure
Proletarian economy not over night
Authority wasn't beyond Petrograd & Moscow
Economic collapse from war so had to adapt
Treaty of Brest- Litovisk 1918
Trotsky & Lenin wanted suppression of constituent assembly & end of war
Lenin ­ immediately
Trotsky- delay
Army too exhausted to fight & lack of resources
Didn't worry about loss it would cause to Russia as they were international revolutionaries
Lenin threatened to leave the party if they didn't agree
Losses due to Brest- Litovsk treaty
1/3 European Russian & Ukraine
Paid 3 bil roubles for war reparations
Ukraine ½ industrial capital & 45 mil people
Constituent assembly
Bolsheviks lost with only 25 % of votes
Curshed with Red army claiming " corrupt"
Caused unease
State secret police
Decree on workers control
Foreign debts cancelled
Decree on land
To feed Russia
Private ownership of land abolished
Peasants would grow more crops


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