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The Bolsheviks in Power
The Bolsheviks under Lenin faced huge difficulties in trying to consolidate their hold over
what had been the tsarist empire. They can be identified as 4 questions:
Could the Bolsheviks survive at all?
If so, could they extend their control over the whole of Russia?

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In Bolshevik theory, the October Revolution marked the victory of the proletariat over the
Bourgeoisie over socialism and capitalism, but theory didn't give much immediate assistance
in the circumstances of late 1917.
Before the October Revolution, Lenin had written against capitalists and landlords, but
produced few plans to replace them.…

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This measure was largely concerned with authorising what had already occurred. During 1917
a large number of factories had been taken over by the workers. However, the workers'
committee that were then formed seldom ran the factories efficiently which results in a
serious fall in industrial output.
The decree accepted…


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