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Attributes of God
A2 Philosophy…read more

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Attributes of God
There are many ways that the Judaeo-
Christian concept of God is described
However these attributes have caused
much debate as they seem to contradict
one another and cannot stand against
certain things that occur in the world…read more

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God as Eternal
God as eternal can have two meanings:
God as timeless ­ God sees the past, present
and future as one. He is outside of time.
God as everlasting ­ God is within time…read more

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God as Timeless
Time is something that is bound to creation ­
God is not part of time
He see's everything in our past, present and
future as an `eternal present'
The Problems
God is often seen as personal. If he is
timeless then that means he cannot answer
prayers or interact with the world
However by saying God is timeless it means
that he is not subject to change ­ fits in
with the traditional teaching of God…read more

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God as Timeless
We cannot put God in our concept of time as we would then
encounter infinite regression
God is his own eternity and when we die we merely participate
in his eternity rather than be eternal in our right
God is unchangeable
God is able to observe everything in an eternal present
God is not subject to change ­ he is beginning-less and endless…read more

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God as Everlasting
Most common view of God
God moves through time with us. He has and will always
Eternal = `endless duration' rather than timeless
Many think a God that is eternal means that he is affected
by time, which contradicts the traditional teachings
However it is difficult to maintain that God is omnipotent
if we believe he is timeless otherwise there would be no
miracles…read more

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