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Idea of God in Christian
Traditions…read more

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The nature of the Christian God
· Christians are monotheists. This means that
they believe there is only one God. It is very
difficult to describe God, because everyday
language is always about ordinary things but
God is not ordinary.
· God is 'holy', meaning special, separate and
different.…read more

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The Trinity
· Christian beliefs about God are
expressed in the doctrine of the
Trinity. This doctrine is unique to
· The Trinity is a way of describing
the three ways of being God ­
God the Father, God the Son and
God the Holy Spirit. It describes
the relationship between these
three `persons' which are all part
of the one God.…read more

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God the Father
· God the Father is the title and attribution
given to God in many monotheist religions.
In Judaism, God is called Father because
he is the creator, law-giver, and protector.
· a supreme and powerful authority and
· omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent…read more

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God the Son
· Refers to Jesus of Nazareth
· God the Son ­ Divinity
· Son of God - Humanity…read more

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Holy Spirit
· In Trinitarian Christianity, The Holy Spirit
(prior English language usage: the Holy
Ghost) is the third person of the Holy
Trinity--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and
is, Himself, Almighty God.…read more

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