Challenges to God's existence

Challenges to God's simplicity 

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    • God has no freedom is simplicity is true...
      • misunderstanding of god's nature-  Aquinas: god wills whatever he does from eternity e.g god is the creator, if god is simple he eternally wills creation
    • Simple god is transcendent and thus unknowable..
      • god  can be known through revelation
      • god can be known through use of analogy of proportion and attribution and via negativa
    • In the bible god is not described as simple...
      • references to god are symbolic not literal
      • some passages do suggest that god is unchanging 'for I am the lord, I change not' Malachi 3:6
    • How can a simple god love his people?
      • love concerns what god wills for human beings; not a reference to empathy
    • Plantinga: divine simplicity does not do justice to the personal nature of the Christian God
    • some argue that god changes
      • god does not change- he is the source of change


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