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  • Analogy
    • Attribution
      • Talking about God by referring to the things God has created
        • God created people in the universe so we can look at his creation to learn about God - For example, Sam is good so God is good.
    • Porportion
      • Goodness is proportionate to the object
        • A dogs goodness is proportionate to its nature and a Human's goodness is proportionate to its nature
          • A persons goodness is greater than a dog because a human is proportionately greater than a dog
  • According to Aquinas, everything has a distinct nature – a purpose which it must fulfil.
  • God's goodness is a greater version of humans
    • God is infinitely greater than humans so his love is infinitely greater than ours
  • God is not a magnified version of us
    • Rather, God has the necessary qualities  to bring out the goodness, wisdom and love in his creation
      • We can attribute humans goodness to God
  • Aquinas is trying to show that it is possible to talk meaningfully about God by attributing qualities we find in people to God, as Creator.
    • “God is Good” means that God has the qualities necessary to bring about goodness in people – not that God is a moral being like you or me.
      • This avoids having to talk about God in human terms.


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