VERY IMPORTANT-Kite Runner-Question Styles and PEACE(structure) Paragraph

This resource is very  KEY and ESSENTIAL for any KITE RUNNER or English students that have difficulty structuring their resonses. This also has an A* response using the PEACE structure. 

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The Kite Runner ­ Question Styles

Connect the Learning...

Come up with one of your own for
each question style:

Explore the ways in which Hosseini...

Portrays a certain character

Conveys a character's feelings

Conveys a feature of the
characters' lives

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Creates a particular mood

Presents the relationship between
two characters

Portrays particular emotions

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Conveys attitudes towards
particular subjects

Conveys the change(s) in a

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New Information

Look at the past questions.

Which ones are easy/difficult?

How would you approach them?

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Challenge Activity

What is the significance of
Hosseini's use of locations in the
novel? Choose two or three sections
from the novel to analyse in detail.

In your answer you should consider:
Hosseini's language choices
narrative viewpoint

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A concept

One to three locations

Three literary features

Three linguistic features

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1. Introduce concept and give
example, using terminology (P)

2. Use a quotation (E)

3. Explain the quotation's
meanings, including a comment
on narrative (A)

4. Link to another point in the
same chapter, or another
chapter you are writing about

5. Comment on the intended effect
on the…

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P: Locations in the novel are used to
represent and symbolise a
character's success and wealth, or
lack of it. Hosseini uses the lexical
field of affluence and luxury in
order to convey how privileged Amir's
childhood is.

E: Amir's childhood home, for
example, is described in Chapter
Two as…

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A: However, although Amir's home is
full of beautiful and expensive
objects, it is actually a place which
lacks any love and affection. The
`marble floors' and `crystal
chandelier' represent a superficial
show of wealth, which symbolises
Baba's attempt to cover up for his
lack of love for Amir. Although…


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