VERY IMPORTANT-Kite Runner-Question Styles and PEACE(structure) Paragraph

This resource is very  KEY and ESSENTIAL for any KITE RUNNER or English students that have difficulty structuring their resonses. This also has an A* response using the PEACE structure. 

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The Kite Runner ­ Question Styles
Connect the Learning...
Come up with one of your own for
each question style:
Explore the ways in which Hosseini...
Portrays a certain character
Conveys a character's feelings
Conveys a feature of the
characters' lives

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Creates a particular mood
Presents the relationship between
two characters
Portrays particular emotions…read more

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Conveys attitudes towards
particular subjects
Conveys the change(s) in a
character…read more

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New Information
Look at the past questions.…read more

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Challenge Activity
What is the significance of
Hosseini's use of locations in the
novel? Choose two or three sections
from the novel to analyse in detail.…read more

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A concept
One to three locations
Three literary features
Three linguistic features…read more

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Introduce concept and give
example, using terminology (P)
2. Use a quotation (E)
3. Explain the quotation's
meanings, including a comment
on narrative (A)
4. Link to another point in the
same chapter, or another
chapter you are writing about
5.…read more

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P: Locations in the novel are used to
represent and symbolise a
character's success and wealth, or
lack of it. Hosseini uses the lexical
field of affluence and luxury in
order to convey how privileged Amir's
childhood is.
E: Amir's childhood home, for
example, is described in Chapter
Two as luxurious and beautiful, with
`marble floors', `intricate mosaic
tiles', `gold-stitched tapestries' and
`a crystal chandelier'.…read more

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A: However, although Amir's home is
full of beautiful and expensive
objects, it is actually a place which
lacks any love and affection. The
`marble floors' and `crystal
chandelier' represent a superficial
show of wealth, which symbolises
Baba's attempt to cover up for his
lack of love for Amir.…read more


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