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Question 1 - Comparitive essay


  • Use a range of terminology including language levels
  • Full analysis and development of points shown throughout essay
  • Make sure it all makes sense!


  • Explore different aspects mode and T(text) A(audience) P(purpose)
  • Explore genre conventions - text support them/reasons behind it


  • Comment on similarities AND differences
  • Show a clear understanding of both extracts/texts


  • Introduction (initial ideas/pieces description) & Conclusion (summarise points)
  • Page and a half - 2 pages of writing 
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Question 2 - Re-Creative Writing piece


  • Use the genre conventions of the piece you have been asked to create (e.g. include a headline/byline)
  • Sustain the style of the genre
  • Write imaginatively in the piece
  • Maintain originality and flair in your piece  - stay original and unique!


  • Do a list of all the points to include - check these off as you write the piece
  • Re-draft the piece to show changes and adaptations
  • Ensure the use of the genre expectation and keep in mind the audience it will be aimed at (e.g. if it is a website the audience may be younger generations so use language they would know)
  • 200 words
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Question 3 - Commentary


  • Select and identify FOUR language features
  • Explore the choices as to why they were used and how effective they were 


  • Show an understanding of the influence of the texts and contexts (e.g. why you included a title if it is a newspaper)
  • Show you have explored the effects of purpose, audience, mode and genre


  • Show creativity in the way that the language features were used in different ways
  • Make sure it is well organised and all makes sense!


  • Four points & 200 words (50 words per point)
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