Sustainability of Global Shift

Notes on how sustainable global shift is

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Global Shift
Global economy is opening up opportunities for countries wishing to
connect with it
Global village now occupied by two-class society
Most developed countries are guilty of exploiting developing countries
in some way or another ­ surely cannot be sustainable on moral grounds?
At same time both types of country are guilty on another charge ­
overexploiting the environment for economic gain
Today's global economy is characterised by the following unsustainable
o Quickening rate of resource use, particularly to provide energy
and raw materials for global economy. This is most worrying in
case of non-renewable resources which once used, are lost
o Mass transport of raw materials, products and people around
globe involves burning fossil fuels ­ not only means further use of
non-renewable resources, but also higher CO2 emissions.
Contributing to global warming
o Much damage being done to environment, not just by increased
carbon emissions. Two examples are clearance of forests to make
more farmland and clearance of mangroves to provide sites for
tourist hotels. Air and water are being badly polluted by cities and
o Increasing shortage of water resources as more is used to irrigate
crops and meet needs of industry and growing population
All these features are linked to the new global patterns of employment
and perhaps also to the new workplaces
Can anything be done to make future more sustainable?
Short answer is perhaps yes, but not very much
In world of work there are some obvious actions that may help situation
o More reliance on renewable energy
o More recycling of waste
o More efficient use of resources
o More local sourcing of materials

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Less transporting of commodities and products
o Less water usage
Putting actions into effect will involve extra costs
But global economy is all about minimising costs and maximising profits
So what hope is there for a more sustainable world of work?…read more


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