Physical Geography- Tropical Rainforests

Case Study-Causes of Deforestation- PNG

Timber Production 

Social Impact: Economic uplift- exporting goods so profit is made 

                        Local loggers are exploited. Only given a fraction of the revenue. 

Economic Impacts: Forest industry contributes to the country's economy 

                                Timber is exported illegally. 

Environmental Impacts: Vulnerable tree species will start to run out. 

                                Deforestation leads to an increase in global warming(releases carbon dioxide)

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Case Study-Causes of Deforestation- PNG

Shifting Cultivation

Social Impacts: Brings more jobs which increases tax revenue 

                         Ok Tedi mines have broken environmental laws which could encourage others to                             do the same, 

Economic Impacts: 18% of exports revenue in 200 from the mine. 

                               70% of the profits go to foreign countries e.g. Canadian Innet mining. 

Environmental Impacts: Can threaten marine, freshwater and forest habitats. 

                                       Contributes to global warming.  

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Case Study- Impacts of Deforestation- PNG

Soil erosion and fertilisers destroying coral reef in Sissano Lagoon. 

Prawn and seafood industry destroyed in Sissano Lagoon. 

Indigenous people(Maisin Tribe) lose land. 

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Case Study- Managing Rainforests Sustainably- PNG

Tapa Pattern Cloth

It is a cloth made from pounded bark and painted with organic dyes. 

Production and sale of the cloth brought in $30,000 for the local tribes which helps the rainforest as the Maisin Tribe will not need to lose land as they have enough to sustain themselves. 

Pacific Heritage Foundation Forest Management

The PHF provides assistance with legal and biological information to show communities that they can gain profits without selling their forest. This makes sure there is a decrease in illegal logging and locals are able to get the profits they earned. 

Coconut oil used to fuel vehicles 

Mini refineries that produce coconut oil that can replace diesel. 

Locals are turning to a cheaper and sustainable alternative to diesel. 

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