Geography- Globalisation

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When factories shut down and the country moves into a service industry.
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Global shift
The movement of manufacturing to other countries.
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Transnational corporation (TNC)
Big global companies that produce and sell products in more than one country.
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Special economic zones
Tax free areas that encourage companies to move there.
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The process of economies becoming more intergated.
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Countries grouping together (eg. European Union).
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Food miles
The distance food travels to the plate.
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Kyoto Protocol
A signed agreement to reduce pollution.
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Fibre optic cables
High speed data cables.
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Subsistence farming
Where food is produced for their family.
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Commercial farming
Where food is produced to sell.
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Renewable energy
Energy that is sustainable to use in future generations.
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Manufacturing industry
Countries who produce products to be sold.
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Service industry
Countries who offer service jobs like banking and insurance.
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Intensive farming
High levels of inputs into a small area producing high yields.
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Carbon credits
Countries are rewarded with these for meeting their pollution reductions.
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Carbon footprint
The amount of CO² produced during growing and transporting.
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Wind farm
An example of renewable energy.
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Sourcing products from other countries.
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Newly industrialised countries (NIC's)
Developing countries (industrial revolution) eg. China, India, Brazil
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Profit leakage
Money going to the big companies rather than the workers.
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Global shift


The movement of manufacturing to other countries.

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Transnational corporation (TNC)


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Special economic zones


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