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Suburbanisation: the movement of residents from the inner cite to the outskirts or the ruralurban
fringe, forming suburbs.

Why do people want to suburbanise?

Push Factors Pull Factors
Inner city housing is usually of poor quality ­ for Planning laws are usually more relaxed in the
example in the…

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'Green Belt' policies often need adopting to limit growth in the fringe and encourage
development of the fringe
Consequences for the city as a whole:
Greater polarisation of wealth, class, ethnicity, education, employment and mobility between
the inner city and suburbs
Increase in air pollution due to the rise in…

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disputes with neighbouring states. 50% of the water supply is lost to evaporation before it
even reaches the city.
Waste ­ 24 million people in Greater LA produce 50,000 tonnes of waste daily. A new
government scheme involves a 30% refund on every drinks container (coffee cups/water
bottles/cans) recycled.


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