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Aggression ­ Social Learning Theory Gender ­ Hormones
Bandura's bobo doll experiment shows that children Dabbs et al measured salivary testosterone in
who observe models that perform aggressive violent and non-violent criminals. Those with highest
behaviour and are rewarded for it are more likely to levels of testosterone had a…

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Aggression ­ Deprivation Model Gender ­ Media as Role Models
Wilson ­ "Most violent crimes occur in environments Duck "choose role models who are powerful and
that are hot, noise polluted and overcrowded." attractive". Magazines give gender messages to
Nijman ­ increased personal space failed to boys and girls. Boys…

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Aggression ­ Twins Gender ­ Cross Cultural
Christianson ­ concordance analysis of 3586 pairs of Whitting and Edwards looked at 11 non western
twins. 926 of these were registered for criminal societies and found that girls were more
activity. Male MZ twins showed 35% concordance encouraged to spend more time…

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