Examiner's report: moral development, schizophrenia and mood disorders and forensic psychology. (June 2010-January 2013)

I have spent about an hour going through on all the exam papers of what the examiner's like and don't like. You don't want to get on the wrong side of them...

Anyway, it is for:

-moral development

-schizophrenia and mood disorders

-forensic psychology

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Examiner's report (June 2010January 2013)
Moral development
You need to expect research methods in the Child Development topic. Coverage of research methods is required
to know all the key terms for the different researchtaught in unit 4 also. If it is an experimental design then it is
independent, repeated, match pairs. However, if it is experimental method then it is either moral comparison or
In relation to comparisons: you need to be able to include similarities and differences.
Psychodynamic the morals and gender are acquired by identification which are then internalised. If it says `moral
development', you cannot criticise Freud generally, it needs to be in relation to moral development: Victorian stereotypes
Ways this is focused on how the researcher has carried out a moral comparison or a moral dilemma, it is not the theory,
it is how.
Schizophrenia and mood disorders
Key studies are essential, don't just explain the concepts, you need some evidence to back up your response.
Furthermore, you need to link the relevance of the study to the theory.
Socioculturalexpressed emotion although it is highlighted as a factor in schizophrenia, it is high expressed emotion
and this needs to be clearly stated.
Community careyou can't just explain it is expensive it is cheaper than hospitalisations so don't say it is expensive. It
is more as a result of insufficient funding which leads to inadequate and poor quality of community care.
Forensic psychology
Do not go into the exam with preprepared responses, yes learn the information required for the different topics
but don't just learn `discuss the psychodynamic explanation of offending'. You need to be able to apply it to a
stem especially because the stem is being increasingly used as a beginning of an exam question. However,
stems are cues, they are not the basis of the whole answer, they are supposed to stimulate the essay.
You need to compare if it is theories, treatments or sentencing this limits marks otherwise.
Typology approach it is an `organised offender' and not an `organised crime' with reference to the difference to the
categorisation of offenders.
Atavism this isn't just the characteristics but it is also the idea that they are a primitive species unsuited to society.


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