Issue, Debates and Approaches on Psychology Past papers

I've done all but [one essay question] IDA on the 3 topics: Relationships, Aggression and Eating behaviour.

Issues- gender bias, ethics, animals

Debate- determinism, free will, nature/nurture

Approach: Biological, cognitive, psychodynamic, Behavioural

You should use these in your essays to get the top band marks.

I hope this is useful

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Candice Williams 9.12.12

IDA- Psychology Unit 3 (Relationships, eating and aggression) 25 mark
Specimen paper

Relationships: Outline one or more theories relating to the formation and/or
maintenance of relationships (9marks)

Evaluate one of the theories outlined above with particular emphasis on the
nature of relationships in different cultures (16…

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Candice Williams 9.12.12


1. Deterministic: if people are in a group they will lose sense of identity which is not
always the case
2. Reductionist, biological approach doesn't take into other factors such as the
institution that people are in that may cause violence
3. Biological approach of aggression…

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Candice Williams 9.12.12


1. Women are now more financially stable so may decide to have partners who are
younger than them.
2. Hard to test scientifically as it relies on self report studies, social desirability
3. Studies are carried out in westernised cultures


1. Parental investment is deterministic:…

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Candice Williams 9.12.12

3. Arranged marriages, formation may not be included.
4. Theories developed in western studies


1. Free will
2. Nurture: not based on genetics


1. Behavioural: we choose who to start a relationship with.

Aggression: Discuss evolutionary explanations of human aggression

1. Hard to study…

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Candice Williams 9.12.12

Aggression: Discuss the role of neural and/or hormonal mechanisms in

1. Animal studies: hard to generalise to humans
2. Gender bias: most of the studies only use male pps


1. Nature: innate factors cause aggression
2. Reductionist: Only accounts for biological and ignores external…




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