Negative effects of computers and video games

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Psychology unit 4 media revision
Negative effects of computers and video games
Anderson and Dill
210 psychology students were asked to play either Myst or Wolfenstein in 3D for
30minutes and after 15 minutes they were told to give blasts of white noise to
other participants. Those playing violent video games gave longer and louder blasts
and this shows that violent video games increase aggression.
Due to the controlled set up we can be sure that the increase in aggression was
due to the violent video game.
The study has useful applications as it suggested that we should limit exposure to
violent video games.
However, we don't know if the effects of violent video games long term as it only
tested the short term effects.
6 boys and 5 girls played 4 video games for 15 minutes each and found tat wii
sports caused them to expend 51% more energy than Xbox 360 games. Wii sports
gaming used less energy than real sports and wii sports exercise was not intense
enough to contribute to the recommended amount of physical activity in children.
Therefore video games have negative effects on a child's physical fitness.
Lacks population validity as the sample was small so it's hard to generalise effects
to all children.
The study only looked at wii fit so we can't generalise the effects to other video
Found that those classed as internet dependents were less likely to do well in
school, have worse relationships with real people, more likely to forget daily
chores and have problems socialising. More than half the participants didn't want
to cut down on internet use and those who did reported cravings similar to those
who try to give up smoking experience. This shows that computers can have
negative effects.
However the findings could be due to the participants exaggerating their
behaviours as only those who felt strongly about the topic took part in the study
so there is a confounding variable due to the volunteer sampling method.

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Psychology unit 4 media revision
Surveyed 813 university students and found that there was a negative correlation
between video game use and the quality of relationships. Regular gamers were also
10% more likely to take drugs and drink alcohol. Therefore this suggests video
games have negative impacts on people's relationships.
However, this was only a correlation so we don't know if video games cause these
effects or if those who play video games already had poor relationships before
they started playing video games.…read more


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