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Stress Inoculation Training
Meichenbaum 1977 & 1985…read more

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Meichenbaum 1977 & 1985
· Meichenbaum argued cognitive therapy
should be used before a person becomes
very anxious or depressed rather than
· He developed stress inoculation training, a
form of coping and management.
· There are 3 main phases in this training.…read more

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Stages of Stress Inoculation Training
1. Assessment (Conceptualisation): Therapist
discusses the nature of the problem with the
client & explores past stressors and methods
used to cope with these. An analysis of the
success of these coping strategies is made.
Client is encouraged to reappraise stress--to
begin changing the way they think about it &
to generate possible ways of tackling it.
· What is the problem?
· How can it be resolved?
· Therapist & client agree on assessment…read more

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Stages of Stress Inoculation Training
2. Skills training & rehearsal (Stress reduction
techniques): Client learns various techniques
for reducing stress, like relaxation and self-
instruction by using coping self-statements.
· Learning relaxation techniques
· Learning coping self-statements
*Prepare for stress
*Handling stress
*Handling difficult emotions
*Reinforcing self-statements…read more

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Stages of Stress Inoculation Training
3. Application and follow-through: individual
imagines using stress reduction techniques
learned in the second phase in difficult
situations and/or engages in role play of such
situations with the therapist, before using
the techniques in real-life situations.
· Imagine using Phase 2 techniques when in a
stressful situation
· Use role play with therapist to practice
responses to stressful situations
· Use the Phase 2 techniques in real, stressful
situations…read more

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Stress Scenario
·Meredith is finding her job
very stressful. She has a
long journey to work and
doesn't feel she's valued
when she gets there. The
combination of factors is
making her very depressed.…read more

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