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Health Psychology…read more

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Causes of Stress- Work
· Work is one of the main causes of stress- but stress levels
can differ depending on the job held
· Johansson did a study of 24 workers in a Swedish sawmill.
14 were `finishers' and 10 were maintenance workers
· Participants had to give urine samples and had body
temperature measured to measure stress levels. They also
had to fill out a questionnaire about mood, alertness and
caffeine/nicotine consumption
· He found that finishers had higher levels of adrenaline and
lower well-being- the more repetitive machine based work
caused higher stress levels…read more

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Causes of Stress- Work
Evaluation of Johansson
Ethnocentrism- only looked at a Swedish
sawmill so cant be generalised to other
countries and other jobs. It's also outdated, as
people experience stress in jobs for different
reasons now e.g. computers
Both quali and quanti data collected- used two
methods (self report and urine tests) so more
info was collected to prove the aim…read more

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Causes of Stress- Daily hassles
· It is argued that daily hassles (e.g. late bus, losing keys)
contribute to stress, and uplifts (finding money) makes
them more bearable
· Kanner used the Hassles and Uplifts Scale and compared it
with a Life Events Scale to see which contributed more to
· He used 100 participants who filled out the scales over a
period of a year. He found that hassles were consistent,
and the frequency of the hassles correlated with the
symptoms of stress.
· It concluded that daily hassles caused more symtoms of
stress than life events…read more

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Causes of Stress- Daily hassles
Evaluation of Kanner
Large sample- used 100 people, makes the
results more representative
However, generalisability- sample were from
one group in society (white, educated, high
income) so cant be generalised to people
outside of that group
Only quanti data- don't find out why the
particular event made them stressed…read more

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Causes of Stress- Lack of Control
Geer & Maisel
· Stress can also be caused by not being able to control an event,
such as a neighbours music being loud, because it means you are
unable to change the situation
· Geer & Maisel did a lab experiment using 60 participants. They
were shown photos of dead car crash victims, and their stress
levels were measured using GSR which measures skin
· There were 3 groups- one had complete control over how long
the picture was up for; one were told what to expect but couldn't
control how long the picture was up for; one was only told they
would see some pictures- not what of and they couldn't control it
· A tone was played 10 seconds before each picture. GSR readings
were taken at the onset of the tone, during the tone and after the
· Group 1 experienced the least stress, and group 3 experienced
the most- so lack of control is a cause of stress…read more

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