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The Story of Managing Stress…read more

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Blue-Boo is feeling
very stressed.
There are many
different ways to try
and help Blue-Boo…read more

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I can help!
"The best way to beat stress is by
using a cognitive model. I
compared two cognitive models
in my investigation!"…read more

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21 students
All responded to an advert
Aged 17-25 Field experiment
"I assessed the students
before and after the
programme. The assessors did
not know which condition the
students had been in; this is a
blind test."…read more

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The 1st Condition: The 2nd Condition: Control
Stress Inoculation Systematic group:
Therapy (SIT) Desensitisation
· Tested using a test · Tested using a · Tested using a
anxiety test anxiety test anxiety
questionnaire questionnaire questionnaire
· IQ test · IQ test · IQ test
· Randomly allocated · Randomly · Randomly
to 1 group from a allocated to 1
allocated to 1
match of 3 group from a
match of 3 group from a
· 8 therapy sessions
match of 3
· Given relaxation · 8 therapy
techniques sessions · Told they were
· Practiced trying on a waiting list
· `Insight' ­ identified
thoughts whilst to relax whilst for therapy
having positive imaging anxiety
statements to say situations…read more

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I found that Stress Inoculation Therapy
(SIT) was the most effective model
because the students' performance on
tests improved compared to the
performance on tests of the other
students. Participants also showed the
most improvement in their own
anxiety levels.
Systematic Desensitisation does help,
though. Performance on tests did
improve in comparison to the control
group who received no therapy.…read more

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