Dealing with offending behaviour: Anger management


Anger Management - The use of anger management with prisoners had two aims. The first is a short-term aim of reducing anger and aggression in prisons where it is a serious issue. Novaco describes prison as an ‘efficient anger factory’ due to its social climate –violent inmates, overcrowding and a tendency towards a hostile attribution bias or other irrational ways of thinking which can benefit from cognitive therapy). There is also a longer-term aim of rehabilitation and reduction of recidivism, especially for violent prisoners. The cognitive therapy (cbt) has the aim of changing the way a person hangers anger and aggression- accepts that the situation cannot be chnaged but the way a person thinks about it can be changed therefore chaning their behaviour. Therapy is one form of Anger management.

CBT- combination of cognitive therapy (changing maladaptive thoughts and belives) and behavioural therapy(a way of changing  behaviour…


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