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Health Components of Physical Fitness
Strength is one of the main fitness components, important for success in many sports.
Certain sports, such as weight lifting, wrestling and weight throwing, it is the most
important physical attribute. In many other sports, including team sports like rugby, good
strength is also…

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Factors Effecting Strength ­

If you were to complete all the different strength tests highlighted in the table and
compared this with your friends, you would find that everyone would have different results.
This is because there are several factors which affect strength:

1. Muscle Composition ­ the greater the…

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Free weights involve nonmechanical free standing weights, and each exercise machine
targets specific groups of muscles and requires the less active muscle groups to work
isometrically (fixators) as stabilisers. They require a `spotter' to assist during heavier
resistance training.

Circuit/Interval Training ­

Circuit training involves the series of exercises that…

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Adaptations to Strength Training:

Neural Adaptations ­

Increased recruitment of additional fast twitch muscle fibres
Increased recruitment of motor units
Improves coordination and simultaneous stimulation of motor units
Reduction in proprioreceptor / antagonist muscle inhibition allowing antagonist to
stretch further and agonist to contract with more force

Physiological Adaptations ­…


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