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Emma Rudd BMA

Sociology ­ Family Unit Social Policy and The Family
Family Values Debates. Policy Towards Families and Children.

Most government policies gave tried to protect the individuals within the family and some
have been aimed at maintaining the traditional nuclear family.

`Feuding Parents Better for Children than Separation'…

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Emma Rudd BMA

Criticisms of The New Right
There are a number of arguments against the New Rights point of view. Firstly Chester
states that the dominant ideology of the nuclear family causes / leads to the negative
labelling of single parent families by teachers, social workers, housing departments, police…

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Emma Rudd BMA

Legislation on divorce, abortion, birth control, sexuality, marriage, childcare and mother all
have crucial effects on families in different ways.

Policies that Do Not Support the Dominant Ideology
It cannot be said that all policies support the traditional family and gender roles. Some
measures that have been…


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