Unit 1 Families and household Checklist

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Sociology Unit 1: families and household Checklist
Families and Households Notes Background Revision notes Exam
Reading questions
What is the Family?
Is the nuclear family universal?
Difference between family and household?
Is the family a social construction?
Sociological perspectives of the family
New right
Radical psychiatry/ Marxism
The nature and extend of changes within
the family
Domestic division of labour and gender roles
Power relations/ domestic division of labour
Arguments for and against existence of the
new man
Theoretical perspectives on the role of men
and women
Changing patterns of...
Childbearing/ singlehood
Diversity of family structures
Single parent families
Ethnic minority families
Homosexual families
Childhood and the status of children
Children as a social construct
Changes in the position of childhood
The future of childhood
Demographic changes
History of migration in the UK
Reasons and consequences for population
State policies
Sociological perspectives
How does a state policy affect the family?


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